Camp Hillard, Scarsdale, New York Day Camp

Programs and Activities: Creative Arts

At Camp Hillard, our campers get the opportunity to experience a variety of exciting, fun and challenging creative arts programs. Our Creative programs are led by a talented staff composed of teachers and professionals in the creative arts. Their extensive experience creates a fun-loving, warm environment that allows each camper to discover their inner creativity as well as building confidence and self esteem.

At Camp Hillard we don't just have art, we have HILLART! Our unique programs provide opportunities for campers to create their own individual projects. From exploring crumpled paper art inspired by the book Ish from Peter H Reynolds, to campers learning about color, shape and line with paint projects teaching brush stroke and paint application inspired by the abstract Dutch painter Piet Mondrain or optical illusion art made by the popular British artist Bridget Riley. Our variety of projects also include lanyards, friendship bracelet, jewelry, bead, and working with clay.

Girls entering Kindergarten and older are also scheduled weekly for Jewelry and Bead Making. Each class campers make a new piece of personalized jewelry or beads and learn to work with different materials creating necklaces, bracelets, key rings and focusing on patterns and colors combinations.

NATURE: The HILLART nature center is a favorite place to visit. Our various animals are a real highlight of the program. Campers enjoy exciting projects and become budding paleontologists and do amazing science experiments. Projects also include crafts projects using materials from nature, making fossils out of clay, the weather station, appreciation of the environment, and collecting and identifying natural specimens such as trees, flowers, rocks, insects, and birds. Nature always rocks at Camp Hillard!

Our variety of HILLART ACTIVITIES includes:

Friendship Bracelets
Model Making
T-shirt Design
Tie Dyeing
Wood Crafts
3-D Art