Camp Hillard, Scarsdale, New York Day Camp

Programs and Activities: Performing Arts

At Camp Hillard, our campers get the opportunity to experience a variety of exciting performing arts programs. Our Performing Arts programs are led by a talented staff composed of teachers and professionals in the performing arts. Their extensive experience creates a fun-loving, warm environment that allows campers to discover their own creativity and unique style.

Our Performing Arts program includes Performances put on by every group in camp, as well as other Theater, Music, and Dance programs.

All campers have the opportunity to take part in performances that are presented for parents during the visiting programs throughout the summer. These performances are among the highlights of our overall camp program. Performing at out outdoor amphitheater, campers enjoy participating in creative productions that include original and popular scores, costumes, choreography, and lots of acting and singing.

Through music, dance, word, and performance, each camper learns about self-confidence, teamwork, and the importance of hard work and dedication to reach a successful goal. With these skills, they build an incredible sense of self-esteem that they take wherever they go.

Camp spirit and enthusiasm stem from our MUSIC program. Traditional CAMP HILLARD songs and cheers as well as other popular children's songs are taught and sung throughout the summer. Younger campers enjoy music appreciation and instruction in rhythm and movement.

Our variety of Performing Arts include:

Movement and Rhythm