Camp Hillard, Scarsdale, New York Day Camp

Programs and Activities: Specialty Activities


Our Junior Campers (ages 3, 4, & 5) have weekly non-motorized Go-Karts. This activity combines physical fitness and fun as campers challenge themselves to a pedal ride around the race track.


We have two age-appropriate Zip Lines at Camp Hillard. This popular activity begins with our 4 year olds and is a safe and controlled adventure in which you walk up stairs to a platform and then experience the thrill of zipping down a long cable. Campers entering 1st grade and older also experience the "giant swing" called the Flying Squirrel and our 30 ft. Climbing Wall.


The Camp Hillard Mini-Golf course provides campers with a unique opportunity to begin to develop golf skills in a very fun and exciting way. Our one-of-a-kind nine-hole multi-level course includes a 20-foot tower hole, water features, and exciting obstacles such as houses, bridges, and hand-carved animals.


The Camp Hillard Golf Skills Center provides campers with the opportunity to learn golf skills in a fun and successful way. This facility incorporates practice putting greens to teach putting skills, a sand trap, a 3 station golf driving range and a 6 station SNAG range. The golf skills center utilizes a program called SNAG Golf (Starting New At Golf), a program that introduces golfers to the fundamentals of driving, pitching and chipping skills. SNAG Golf utilizes special equipment to correctly teach the game of golf in a way that's easier for less experienced players. The driving range allows more experienced campers to drive real golf balls with real clubs.

Entering 3rd grade and older campers may also participate in an off-site golf program with more formal instruction. This program is taught by PGA club professionals and takes place at a nearby country club.


Creative Play features a unique, one-of-a-kind playground. Located in a nice shaded area with equipment including hill slides, climbing rocks, tunnel slides, a merry-go-round, and various play stations emphasizing both fun and physical development.


The Hillard Stables are located right on our own camp grounds and are the scene for much fun.  Pony rides are scheduled weekly for all campers through 2nd grade. Our older campers also have the opportunity to ride on full-size horses throughout the summer. Entering 3rd grade and older campers may also participate in an off-site riding program where more advanced techniques are developed.


This old New York City four square game has been a classic activity at Camp Hillard since 1929.


Campers are scheduled throughout the summer to play this popular activity which combines the elements of dodgeball and boxball.